Bridges are a vital part of our the physical infrastructure. a properly functioning and reliable transport network is essential to Australia’s economic activity. it is estimated that there are currently around 30,000 timber road bridges in service throughout Australia. Councils manage timber bridges valued at more than $1.5 billion. however, the increasing demands on these bridges with heavier and faster moving loads is putting the ageing structures at risk of collapse.

The Bridges to a Stronger Future brochure has been produced to illustrate some of the best and worst bridges in communities across the country and features significant bridge upgrades in towns and cities.

The Federal Government has committed to a Bridge Renewal program, allocating $300 million to replacing old and unsafe bridges.  Through matched funding from councils and state governments, this investment will deliver at least $600 million to much-needed infrastructure.  Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Warren Truss has said that the program will be implemented in 2014 and more detail, including information about the application process, will be made available to local government in the new year.

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