A new agenda for Australia in nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament

Nuclear weapons Disarmament Australia

Robert McClelland, ALP Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, writes that 'the Howard government is worse than ambivalent when it comes to nuclear non proliferation - it is positively obstructive.' International security has, he notes, 'been made more volatile by a combination of nuclear proliferation and the involvement of non-state actors' 'as the number of potential nuclear actors increases, deterrence becomes a balancing act with far too many tipping points.' Arguing that 'the proposal to establish a Nuclear Weapons Convention is timely and responsible', McClelland concludes by suggesting that practical steps towards the elimination are possible, despite well-recognized obstacles. 'What is important is commencing the process. Progressing nuclear disarmament in the context of broader discussions towards achieving a nuclear weapons convention can be used as both a tool to assist short-term disarmament goals and also as a concrete long-term political objective.'

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