Gender income distribution of top earners

Income distribution Australia

This report examines the declared Top Earners of Specified Executives of the 180 ASX200 companies. It explores how gender interacts with this most senior level status.

Key findings are:
*Women hold only 7% of Top Earner positions in the ASX200.
*The overall median pay for women is 58% of the overall median pay for men.
*Female Chief Financial Officers and Chief Operating Officers earn half the wage of their male equivalents.
*In CEO positions, a female CEO earns two-thirds the salary of her male counterpart.
*Men in both line and support positions are more likely to be Top Earners than women.
*Even in support roles where women are concentrated, women have less than a 50% chance of being a Top Earner.
*In nine out of ten industry sectors, the female median salary is less than the male median salary in the same sector.
*Even in Human Resources positions where women are more common, the pay gap is 43%.
*60% of female Top Earners work in the bottom 100 ASX200 companies by market capitalisation.
*A higher percentage of Top Earners are female in ASX200 companies with more women on the Board.

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