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Women in the workforce: by industry

This fact sheet outlines: workforce participation by gender, full time/part time status and industry; working patterns and average weekly hours. Image: Flickr / The Library of Congress
Fact sheet

Gender pay gap statistics 2012

Gender pay gap short-changes women $250.50 a week Australian women, on average, earn 17.4% less than men The gender pay gap has remained almost unchanged in two decades Western Australia has the widest pay gap of 25.8% Australia's working women earn 17.4% less than their...

Doing things differently: case studies of work-life innovation in six Australian workplaces

Australia has a strong interest in seeing workplace arrangements that facilitate the reconciliation of work with the rest of life including family life, resulting in productive and sustainable workplaces. This publication seeks to provide some practical examples of strategies that are being used by organisations...

Survey into paid maternity leave, sex-based harassment initiatives and the gender pay gap

Over 2,300 reporting organisations participated in the 2009 survey representing more than one million female employees. This report is the second in a suite of EOWA surveys examining gender issues in the workplace. An Australian Government Agency, the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace...

Generation F: attract, engage, retain

This report argues that women aged between 16 and 65 – Generation F – remain significantly overlooked, under utilised and untapped. Research released today has uncovered a new generation of workers that will rival Generation Y as the solution to the nation’s skills shortage. Despite...