Review of Indigenous education in the Northern Territory: draft report

Australia Northern Territory

This draft report into Indigenous education in the Northern Territory recommends a comprehensive overhaul of bush schooling, and invites the public to make submissions.


The Northern Territory government commissioned an independent review of Indigenous education in 2013 to get an informed understanding of the impact of current programs and initiatives.

A considerable amount of resources, both Territory and Commonwealth, have been committed to improving Indigenous education outcomes. Despite this significant investment, the literacy and numeracy outcomes of remote and very remote Indigenous students still fall well below those of non-Indigenous students and also below those of Indigenous students in other jurisdictions.

It is critical that there is a strategic, evidence-based implementation plan in place, agreed by government to target resources and effort.

The review is being conducted independently of government by an experienced education consultant, Bruce Wilson (49), supported by a team from the Department of Education.

Key Project Milestones

  • Draft report provided to the Northern Territory Government by December 2013
  • Consultation on draft recommendations 7 February 2014 - 9 March 2014
  • Final report provided to the Northern Territory Government by June 2014


The closing date for submissions is Sunday 9 March 2014. Find out more about making submissions here.

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