Department of Education (NT)


Review of Effective Enrolment: final report

This review report aims to provide options on alternative methodologies to allocate a funding pool to schools based on student numbers, as part of the broader School Resourcing Model allocation.

Northern Territory education engagement strategy 2022-2031

This strategy has been developed to set a new course for student engagement and improve educational outcomes in the Northern Territory.

Accelerate: education for all with technology and information 2019-2022

Digital opportunities for education in the Northen Territory can help reduce the challenges of geographical isolation. The aim of this strategy is to connect teachers across urban, remote and very remote settings and develop innovative online learning tools, in order to strengthen engagement, growth and...

School-based Police Program review

The School-Based Police Program (SBP Program) was launched in September 2018. The program aims to address issues raised during the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory with a greater focus on safety, youth engagement and youth diversion.

Review of Indigenous education in the Northern Territory: draft report

This draft report into Indigenous education in the Northern Territory recommends a comprehensive overhaul of bush schooling, and invites the public to make submissions. Background The Northern Territory government commissioned an independent review of Indigenous education in 2013 to get an informed understanding of the...