Victorian Aboriginal child mortality study phase 1: the birth report


This report represents the results of the first phase of the Victorian Aboriginal Child Mortality Study (VACMS). The VACMS addresses the critical issue of incomplete and inaccurate data describing Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander vital statistics, particularly focusing on maternal and infant birth outcomes and infant and child mortality in Victoria. The research, which used best practice linkage methodology, is being led by Associate Professor Jane Freemantle.

The VACMS uses an innovative method to match birth information collected in two statutory datasets: the Victorian Perinatal Data Collection (VPDC) and the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages (RBDM). The outcome of the matching process is a more accurate ascertainment of births to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander mothers and/or fathers. It employs a collaborative and consultative communication model to facilitate effective knowledge dissemination. This research is vital to ensure the availability of accurate and meaningful health information.

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A summary report (38) is also available.


Authors: Jane Freemantle, Rebecca Ritte, Bree Heffernan, Tess Cutler, Dulce Iskandar 2013

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