Literature review

Supervising professional experience students

30 Jun 2012

A literature review on mentoring and supervision of pre-service teachers.  The review looks at the current policies, procedures and practices that are designed to support pre-service teachers’ professional experience. These policies, procedures and practices are drawn from initial teacher education providers and the education sectors in Australia, as well as those from professions outside of education.  The review draws upon the recent report commissioned by the Queensland College of Teachers, ‘An investigation of best practice in evidence-based assessment within pre-service teacher education programs and other professions.’

The review provides a summary of the literature under five key headings: what motivates mentors to contribute to teacher education programs?; stages of development of pre-service teachers (apprenticeship; competencies; reflective self-regulation); establishing a professional learning community; assessment tasks for pre-service teachers, and; repertoire of skills and knowledge of effective mentors of pre-service teachers.

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