Safeguarding integrity: a guide to the integrity system in Victoria

21 Nov 2014

The Safeguarding Integrity Guide aims to help public sector employees and the broader community understand Victoria's integrity system and its key agencies.


Every day, public sector employees make decisions and take actions that affect the lives and interests of the Victorian community. wThey handle private and confidential information, respond to emergency situations and provide vital community services and support. As well, they manage and account for public funds.
People expect the highest standards from their politicians, public servants, courts, local councils and police. They want to know that government resources are distributed fairly, procedures are reasonable and decisions are consistent. They expect that public sector employees will act in the public interest and with integrity. They expect that public sector employees will not grant favours or privileges to particular clients, associates or suppliers. Nor will they act to benefit themselves.

All Victorians have a role to play in safeguarding integrity. But Victorian public sector employees are entrusted with a series of obligations that differ from those found in private sector employment relationships. They have special responsibilities and obligations; they have specific duties and commitments. Acting with integrity is generally defined as being honest and behaving with strong moral principles. Integrity is essential for government to be legitimate, trusted and effective. The integrity system exists so that every Victorian can have confidence in the state’s public sector. Wherever you work in the Victorian public sector, Victoria’s integrity system is relevant to you.

As an employee within the Victorian public sector, it is important that you understand misconduct and corruption, and how our integrity system works to ensure the highest standards of conduct are upheld. This guide has been developed to help public sector employees and the broader community understand our integrity system and its key agencies. It will help you to recognise misconduct and corrupt conduct, and know what to do about it.

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