The Australian Government has developed various resources that inform about what radicalisation is, how people radicalise, radicalisation online, and what to do if you are concerned someone you know is radicalising.

This kit has been produced to raise awareness and help all Australians understand the radicalisation process and how to respond if they are concerned about someone they know. The kit includes five information sheets and a detailed booklet to advise on radicalisation and how to help:

  • Fact sheet—What is violent extremism? [PDF 115KB]
  • Fact sheet—What is radicalisation? 
  • Fact sheet—Understanding the radicalisation process 
  • Fact sheet—Radicalisation and the internet 
  • Fact sheet—I am worried somebody I know is radicalising … What can I do?
  • Booklet—Preventing violent extremism and radicalisation in Australia
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