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This paper provides a theoretical and operational overview of a new integrated urban sustainability assessment framework named as Local area Envisioning and Sustainability Scoring system (LESS). LESS allows the monitoring, mapping and measurement of indicators from four fields of relevance to local government areas: environment, socio-economic, infrastructure and governance. The assessment of chosen indicators is conducted by taking into account the priorities and aspirations of a local government. The framework is used to create a unified weighted index (on a scale of 0 to 10) to indicate the state of “health” of each field, in addition to a combined ranking taking into account all four fields. The framework is based on DriversPressure-State-Impact-Response (DPSIR) concept. The basic premise behind this concept is that environmental changes are brought about by drivers, and caused by pressures. These changes impact communities as they interact with the demographic, social and economic factors that influence human well-being. In turn, communities respond with measures for mitigating and adapting to environmental changes. LESS is aimed to be a simple, flexible and customisable assessment framework.

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