Mike Mouritz

Conference paper

Trackless trams and Australian urban fabric

This paper discusses both the city shaping possibilities of trackless tram systems and the challenges and opportunities inherent in integrating new technologies into existing city systems.
Journal article

The Trackless Tram: is it the transit and city shaping catalyst we have been waiting for?

This paper considers the niche for Trackless Trams in cities, along with its potential for city shaping through the creation of urban re-development along corridors.
Briefing paper

Pilbara cities: from projects to places

This paper sets out to examine the prospect of transitioning the regional mining towns of the Pilbara (particularly Karratha and Port Hedland) into desirable, liveable and affordable cities.
Conference paper

Local-area sustainability assessment system: a theoretical and operational overview

This paper provides a theoretical and operational overview of a new integrated urban sustainability assessment framework named as Local area Envisioning and Sustainability Scoring system (LESS). LESS allows the monitoring, mapping and measurement of indicators from four fields of relevance to local government areas: environment...