Katrina Raynor

Alternate Name:
Kate Raynor

Urban regulation and diverse housing supply: an investigative panel

This research examines the barriers and challenges within the housing system for delivering housing supply that is more diverse, in terms of size and built form, tenure, development model and affordability level.
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An affordable housing negotiation calculator: identifying feasible opportunities for voluntary agreements

This paper reports on the conceptual framework and development of an instrument to assist in educating local and state government representatives, community housing providers and developers about affordable housing provision and its effects on development feasibility.

Project 30,000: producing social and affordable housing on government land

Plan Melbourne, the latest 30-year plan for Greater Melbourne, commits the state government to exploring a series of policy responses to the housing crisis, including utilising government land to host social and affordable housing. This report responds to this commitment by identifying over 195 hectares...
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What do Australian urban planning scholars actually research?

As a relatively new field of research, urban planning is often perceived as neither a traditional academic discipline nor a “major profession” (Schon 1983). From Taylor and Hurley’s (2015) discouraging observation that “not many people read the stuff” to Randolph’s (2013) perhaps hyperbolic suggestion that...

Housing affordability in Victoria

Home purchasing and renting, particularly in our capital cities, is now beyond the reach of many people. Are governments around Australia effectively tackling the pressing issue of housing affordability?