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Conference paper

Onward, outward, upward? a review of contemporary Australian metropolitan growth policies

Sustainable urban growth Cities and towns Urban planning Australia
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Abstract: All five of Australia's largest metropolitan areas are actively considering the best policy framework to deal with anticipated growth. For SE Queensland and Perth the pressures are immediate and powerful as burgeoning economies and significant inward migration put a premium on developable land. The pressures in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide are less intense but remain an issue in the longer term. Cities which have opted for Urban Growth Boundaries are faced with a significant decision as to the elasticity of those boundaries and the relationship between urban consolidation and expansion. This paper makes a comparative review of current growth strategies for the major Australian metropolitan areas (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and SE Queensland) and specifically seeks to address two fundamental questions: What is the chosen strategy to accommodate growth - urban consolidation, extensions to existing urban growth boundaries, the expansion of townships beyond the existing urban boundary, the designation of land for new settlements? What are the proposed arrangements for implementing and assessing proposals for development in new growth areas, including the roles and responsibilities of state and local governments, the establishment of growth area authorities, commissions or assessment panels?

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