Jon Kellett

Conference paper

Exploring infrastructure provision issues in greenfield and urban infill residential developments

This paper explores the extent of infrastructure provision issues and tries to identify the actual costs of provision in different situations.
Conference paper

Drive till you qualify: an alternative view of housing affordability

Using census data and vehicle purchase and running cost data, a model is developed which analyses the proportion of household income devoted to housing and transport for specific locations within the metropolitan areas of Adelaide.
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Decision making in the face of the rising tide

The inexorable rise of sea levels as a result of runaway global greenhouse emissions is beginning to gain traction as an issue for both the Australian federal government and coastal planning authorities. This paper reports on research designed to develop a tool to assist local...
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Local council infrastructure and climate change

This paper examines the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report and the implications this will have on Australia's climate change mitigation, particularly in southern Australia.
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Decarbonising the local economy: planning for renewable energy in urban areas

Mechanisms for transitioning towards a low carbon economy include technological shifts, policy development and programs that require changes in behaviour. Arguably, local councils are well positioned to drive some or all of these.