Mark Western


Pillar 3 report: what can be done to maximise educational outcomes for children and young people experiencing disadvantage?

In response to COVID-19, most of the world’s student population was impacted by transitions to remote learning. This report presents evidence-based options for action to inform policy and programmatic solutions.
Conference paper

Decision making in the face of the rising tide

The inexorable rise of sea levels as a result of runaway global greenhouse emissions is beginning to gain traction as an issue for both the Australian federal government and coastal planning authorities. This paper reports on research designed to develop a tool to assist local...

Paid and unpaid work in Australian households: towards an understanding of the new gender division of labour

Recent changes in the labour force participation rates of men and women give rise to new questions regarding the division of labour in Australian families. Over the last few decades we have seen a marked increase in the labour force participation rates of women and...

Who decides? The social characteristics of who initiates marital separation

This study investigates gender differences in the associations between social characteristics and men’s and women’s reports of which spouse initiated marital separation. Using retrospective data on 9,147 first marriages from the Household Income and Labor Dynamics in Australia survey (2001), we find that some social...