Belinda Hewitt

Briefing paper

Does paid maternity leave help mother's health and wellbeing?

It has been widely recognised that maternity leave is important to the health of mothers. But what difference does paid maternity leave make? And does paid maternity leave help to reduce health inequalities?

Child support can help to secure housing for resident parents and their children after relationship breakdown

The receipt of more than $75 per week in child support assisted resident parents living apart to secure better quality housing for themselves and their children. For non-resident parents living apart, the payment of child support appeared to have no measurable effect upon the standard...

It's not just about the money: Non-resident father's perceptions of paying child support

Most research into child support is based on the experiences of residential mothers and children. The little we know about post-separation fathering often comes from mothers reports. This is problematic as many child support reforms focus on changing the behaviour of non-resident parents (usually fathers)...

Marriage breakdown in Australia: social correlates, gender and initiator status

This paper aims to obtain a better understanding of marriage breakdown in the Australian context, with a particular focus on gender differences in the social correlates of marriage breakdown. It analyses retrospective data from all persons who were currently or had been previously married at...

Who decides? The social characteristics of who initiates marital separation

This study investigates gender differences in the associations between social characteristics and men’s and women’s reports of which spouse initiated marital separation. Using retrospective data on 9,147 first marriages from the Household Income and Labor Dynamics in Australia survey (2001), we find that some social...