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Abstract: Much research has focused on mechanisms and conditions that would enable greater provision of affordable housing in Australian cities. Despite this, social housing and other affordable housing remains a minority of the total housing stock and does not meet demand among low and moderate income earners. This paper draws on eight interviews conducted with housing and investment stakeholders in Melbourne currently involved in affordable housing, or with potential for such involvement. It explores stakeholder perceptions on key issues relating to the provision of affordable housing and what mechanisms or conditions would enable or scale up their involvement in this area. From the interviews, a number of development scenarios were selected for discussion, based on permutations of development size, mix of affordable and market housing, and public versus private land ownership. Drawing on data from interviews and a review of policy, planning and financing mechanisms that have been used in Australia and elsewhere, this paper proposes which mechanisms may be best placed to help deliver affordable housing under a variety of development scenarios, and how different stakeholders may be able to work together to this end.

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