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The Australian Sex Party would see personal drug use decriminalised. Most people who use illicit drugs are not physically or psychologically harmed by their use. The current ‘war on drugs’ (i.e., prohibition) does not reduce drug use or drug-related harm (physical, psychological or social). Decriminalisation, on the other hand, has been shown to reduce both drug use, overall, and drug-related harm. It also eliminates potential social harm associated with a drug-related arrest or conviction.

Physical and psychological drug-related harm should be treated as a health issue, not a law and order issue. As such, we should direct resources toward reducing drug-related harm, not the punishment of drug users.

We will:

  • Decriminalise the purchase, possession and consumption of all currently illicit drugs for personal use.
  • Commit to harm-reduction strategies including pill-testing and supervised drug consumption rooms.
  • Trafficking and dealing drugs, and the supply of drugs to minors, should remain criminal offences. 
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