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The purpose of the scoping study is to inform the research training activities of Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs). While previous studies have focussed on the outcomes supported by the CRC research training activities, the focus of this report is on the inputs and processes invested by Cooperative Research Centres in supporting quality research education outcomes, and the measures of performance in which they are reflected. Findings from the scoping study reflect a diverse range of research training activities supported by CRCs.

Findings from this study are intended to inform the collection and dissemination of information on CRC research training activities, assist in identifying markers for distinctiveness in the CRC contribution to research education, inform related benchmarking activities and inform recommendations for future development.

Key areas highlighted for future development include:

  • Improved metrics to reflect the CRC contribution to research training;
  • Improved data collection around CRC research training activities;
  • Possible improvements to the Management Data Questionnaire (MDQ); and
  • Improved resource sharing among member CRCs.
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