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Does the Australian Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme ensure heat stress resistance?

30 Jun 2016

The report was undertaken as part of a PhD research, funded by the CRC for Low Carbon Living Ltd. supported by the Cooperative Research Centres program, an Australian Government initiative and a research student scholarship granted from the Australian Building Codes Board. 

The results showed that a higher star rating does not necessarily coincide with a decrease in either cooling energy consumption, demand or overheating. The traditional uninsulated, double brick scenario required significantly more heating, however was able to outperform many high star rated homes during summer.

Consequently, the integration of heat stress resistance in the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme would be a valued addition to the existing regulations to avoid building new homes with potentially lower coping capacity and increased dependence on air-conditioning. To address the problem, a new overheating analysis is proposed that can be implemented in the AccuRate.

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