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DASSH response to the call for comment on Vision for a Science Nation. Responding to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics: Australia's Future

31 Jul 2015


We agree that the sciences are an integral part of our society and our economy and that a robust strategy to develop science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) capacity, at all levels, is required to ensure Australia remains competitive and relevant in an ever-­‐changing global environment. DASSH recognises particularly the need to attract inspiring science and mathematics teachers to help promote a strong understanding of the scientific project, as well as to secure the future research workforce. We endorse the call for a concerted effort to develop and implement a comprehensive science and research policy, where “science” is understood to include the advancement of knowledge, understanding and expression of the human condition. Given the “grand challenges” that Australia faces, we believe that future STEM policy should be developed in conjunction with the arts, social sciences and humanities (ASSH) and not developed in isolation from an appreciation of the complex social and cultural factors that shape effective responses to those challenges.

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