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DASSH submission to the Department of Education and Training on the proposed new Institute to promote teaching and learning excellence

13 Jul 2015

While DASSH recognises that there are a number of strengths and weaknesses with the current grants, fellowships and awards and other programmes delivered by the OLT, we question the need for a new learning and teaching institute especially as there was no indication that the OLT was not delivering on value for investment or providing the opportunities suggested from the new institute. Without a clear indication of known existing, negative conditions documented, it is difficult to move forward with a new institute that would provide these new opportunities that the OLT supposedly does not.


If the new institute goes ahead, DASSH feels that what needs to be apparent and at the fore of any new program is the emphasis on quality teaching and learning across the whole higher education sector. The programme needs to be inclusive. While it is very important for the programme to be external, autonomous and objective, without the entire higher education sector being involved this might prove challenging to achieve, as well as a threat to maintaining the credibility of the program.

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