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This project aimed to encourage and support greater participation in peer review of teaching through the creation of resources to assist institutions to effectively implement policies and programs of peer review of teaching.

Peer review of teaching has the potential to advance the quality of learning and teaching in higher education. Peer review capitalises on a currently underutilised resource for teaching evaluation and feedback -- the educative expertise and judgement of university teachers in their fields. The potential benefits from the more widespread practice of peer review of teaching include strengthening the teaching culture of institutions, and the direct benefits to individuals in terms of new insights and feedback which is complementary to that provided by students.
Despite its potential, peer review of teaching is currently not commonplace in Australian universities. In part, this reflects the challenges inherent in introducing programs of teaching review or evaluation. That is, how to maximise the benefits of feedback while also supporting more formal evaluation of teaching -- and strengthening both through the appropriate institutional policies and guidelines.


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