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Fostering creativity and critical thinking in university teaching and learning: considerations for academics and their professional learning

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Developed as one of the resources within the context of the OECD/Centre for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI) ERI project entitled Fostering and assessing students' creative and critical thinking skills in higher education, this paper focuses on ways in which students’ creativity and critical thinking can be fostered in higher education by contextualising such efforts within the broader framework of academics’ professional learning.

Intended for system or institution-level stakeholders, the paper draws on the empirical literature, review articles, and meta-analyses, reports, institutional websites, and input from project participants to: (a) highlight models and best practices of academics’ professional learning as well as institutional and individual factors which render professional learning desirable, valued, and effective, and (b) elaborate key elements in professional learning which institutions can introduce and/or strengthen to promote instruction that fosters cognitive, social and emotional processes associated with students’ creativity and critical thinking.

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