Richard James


Visions for Australian tertiary education

The chapters in this volume offer provocative ideas for transforming Australian tertiary education. Each is grounded in current issues or trends but goes beyond present thinking to propose ways in which policy and practice might make major advances. The Melbourne Centre for the Study of...

Peer review of teaching in Australian higher education

This project aimed to encourage and support greater participation in peer review of teaching through the creation of resources to assist institutions to effectively implement policies and programs of peer review of teaching. Peer review of teaching has the potential to advance the quality of...

Australian higher education graduation statement

The key recommendation from the Project is for the introduction of an Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement that will take the form of documentation provided to graduates by awarding institutions in addition to the degree or diploma certificate or testamur. Its purpose will be to...

Australian university student finances 2006

This report affirms the financial difficulties many young Australians face in completing their university studies. The findings from this AVCC survey indicate that on balance students are worse off today in financial terms than in 2000, especially full-time undergraduate students, which is adversely affecting their...