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System event report: South Australia, 8 February 2017

15 Feb 2017

This report provides information on the operation of the National Electricity Market (NEM) and national power grid on Wednesday 8 February during a heatwave in eastern Australia.

AEMO will release a second report on 22 February, focused on the events of 10 February. (see related content link below)

During this heatwave period, involuntary load reduction was necessary on two occasions to preserve system security:

· On 8 February 2017 in South Australia, the power system was not in a secure operating state for over 30 minutes. AEMO directed interruption of supply to 100 megawatts (MW) of customer load in South Australia and gave clearance to restore that load 27 minutes later. Following this direction, approximately 300 MW was interrupted. The reason for the additional interruption is being investigated.

· On 10 February, in New South Wales, AEMO directed Transgrid to shed one of the Tomago Aluminium smelter potlines (290 MW), and cancelled the direction one hour later.

This report focuses on South Australia’s electricity supply on Wednesday 8 February 2017.

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