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ACOSS budget priorities statement, 2017-18

27 Feb 2017

ACOSS' submission to the Federal Budget process, outlining their priority recommendations for the 2017-18 Federal Budget. 

The Federal Budget is much more than an accounting exercise. It is ultimately about people and our communities, and the priorities and goals we set for our country.

The choices made in the budget tell us what the government of the day stands for and the goals it wishes to pursue on our behalf.

Crucially, the Federal Budget pays for essential community services and support payments that we all depend on at different times in our lives. Through a progressive personal income tax system, we all contribute according to our ability to pay. The contributions go into a pool with company and other tax contributions, and enable us to fund the essential needs of a healthy society. These span universal healthcare, education, disability and aged care services, to the lifeline support for people who experience tough times through unemployment or illness, as well as support for families or older members of our community. This is the social contract that has served our nation well for generations, ensuring social cohesion and paving the way for prosperity. By investing in our people and communities, we create a strong, prosperous and resilient society that can withstand any shocks – both internal and external.

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