Findings of a review into the implementation of the governments' social housing reforms: final report

24 Dec 2015

This report documents the findings of a review into the implementation of the New Zealand governments' social housing reforms. The reviewers were asked to:

  • Review the Social Housing Reform Programme (SHRP) programme of work to assess whether the processes and decision tools necessary to achieve the government’s commitments, objectives and bottom lines are established or on track to be established; and
  • Make recommendations on changes or improvements in the programme that would support achievement of objectives and bottom lines, in particular meeting the government’s commitment to deliver 65,000 income related to meet subsidy placements in 2017.

The reviewers identified concerns with the programme's overall leadership and governance.  They found that while there is a high degree of understanding and commitment to the objectives across officials, there are areas of major weakness with the approach that has been taken to overall governance and management.

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