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The Australian National Audit Office’s (ANAO’s) coverage of environmental matters reflects the responsibilities of the Australian Government and the AuditorGeneral’s mandate for conducting performance audits. The approach adopted by the ANAO to auditing environment programs and activities is similar in manner to other programs and activities subject to audit coverage.

The ANAO seeks to share its experiences and knowledge in environmental auditing and learn from other audit offices both nationally and internationally. Over many years, the office has been an active participant in a range of regional and international audit fora, including Supreme Audit Institution’s working groups on environmental audit. The ANAO is committed to strengthening its national and international engagement over the coming years.

This paper aims to provide insights into the shared arrangements for managing Australia’s environment, how environmental matters are examined through the ANAO’s performance audit program and some of the recurring themes and issues arising from the examination of environment-related programs and activities in Australia. Arrangements for sharing knowledge, experiences and for learning from other Supreme Audit Institutions are also outlined.

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