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Life at Waimahia: a survey of residents

21 Apr 2017

This study is a survey of residents in the newly created community of Waimahia Inlet in South Auckland, New Zealand. The overall objective of the research is to determine if quality of life has improved (or not) since moving into Waimahia.  It is an area that when complete will house 295 households. To date just over 200 families have moved in.

The study found that:

  • Residents have experienced a significant improvement in their quality of life since moving in to their new homes.
  • Residents have noted that enhanced enjoyment of, and participation in community life as the biggest driver to improving quality of life.
  • Quality of life goes up dramatically. More than 95% of residents rate their quality of life as extremely good or good in their present home, compared with just 59% in their previous home.
  • Residents say their health has improved in their new home. The majority (80%) of them rate their health as excellent or very good. Only 29% felt this to be true in their previous home. Families report that crowding (over occupation of the house) has dropped from 52% previously, to 6% at Waimahia.



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