Sentencing of driving offences that result in death or injury

26 Apr 2017

The Tasmanian Attorney-General, Vanessa Goodwin, asked the Sentencing Advisory Council to examine and provide a report on sentences imposed by the Tasmanian courts in cases where a person is seriously injured or killed as a result of a motor vehicle crash, and to provide advice on how to address any problems identified.

The terms of reference were:

  1. the type and length of sentences for causing death or injury by Supreme and Magistrates Court for the period 1980 – 2015;
  2. a comparison with sentencing in other jurisdictions for similar offences and crimes;
  3. advice on whether current sentence type and length are appropriate for causing death or injury by driving offences and crimes;
  4. if current sentence type and length in respect of the above are not considered appropriate, advice on how best to address this and whether changes to offence provisions and maximum penalties are required.
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