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Education, training and Indigenous futures CAEPR policy research: 1990-2007

7 Apr 2008

During 2007 the Ministerial Council on Education, Employment, Training and Youth Affairs (MCEETYA), through the Australian Education Systems Officials Committee (AESOC), commissioned a review of research undertaken by CAEPR staff and CAEPR Research Associates over the period 1990-2007.

Specifically, AESOC requested that the review:

• scan the entire research output of CAEPR since its inception in 1991;

• assess the relevance of each research publication, research project and CAEPR seminar presentation to Indigenous education and training. In particular, this assessment was to be made in terms of MCEETYA's policy framework for Indigenous education as documented in Australian Directions in Indigenous Education 2005-2008;

• summarise the findings from this assessment in a report for use by Indigenous policy and planning staff in State and Territory government agencies, Catholic and other non-government school educational systems and associations as well as the Australian Government. MCEETYA also requested that the review be in a form useful to school principals and Indigenous community leaders in education and training; and

• summarise each relevant research publication, project and seminar presentation cited in the report.

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