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Evaluative research into the Office of the Board of Studies' Aboriginal Careers Aspiration Program for Aboriginal students in NSW high schools

1 Jan 2000

The Aboriginal Careers Aspiration Program was established to enhance knowledge, skills and access to career pathways information and to raise the numbers of Indigenous students across as many subject areas as possible. This report presents a review of this program, focusing on the critical issues which impact on Aboriginal students' career aspirations, the critical interactions between Aboriginal communities and career aspirations, and whether the Program has an effect on the career aspirations. Research was conducted with 388 Indigenous and non-Indigenous secondary students in ten urban and rural schools. The report discusses the research methodology used, outcomes of the research, key findings, and conclusions. Topics include Indigenous education and employment, service delivery issues, cultural considerations in vocational education, career aspirations and expectations, obstacles, and the role of education.

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Sydney, NSW
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