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Monitoring the implementation of Transforming Health: Indicator report 2nd Edition - May 2017

Second indicator report monitoring the implementation of Transforming Health contains new and updated quarterly data from the first quarter of the 2007-08 to the second quarter of 2016-17
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Our indicator reports monitor changes over the Transforming Health program implementation. We selected indicators to monitor changes in patient access and equity taken from the case for change stated in SA Health’s Our Next Steps:

  1. Too many deaths occur in our hospitals
  2. Long waiting times for discharge or placement
  3. Too many transfers between hospitals
  4. Senior clinicians unavailable.

We have prioritised monitoring indicators that may show whether system or policy changes are causing unwarranted widening of health outcomes gaps between specific populations, particularly vulnerable groups such as Aboriginal people, culturally and linguistically diverse communities, lower socio-economic areas, aged persons and rural and remote residents. We monitor hospitalisations (inpatient separations), average length of overnight stay, hospitalisations ending with death in hospital and hospitalisations ending with transfer to another hospital over time. Results are also presented by SA Health Local Health Network.

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