Health Performance Council (SA)

Owning Institution:

Health outcomes and experiences for South Australians with disability

This report summarises and reports on the key issues that came up in the responses to the Health Performance Council community consultation asking about experiences of people with disability engaging with health services. The consultation ran from March to April 2020.

Hotspots of potentially preventable hospital admissions

This is the second edition of a bitesize Health Performance Council report pinpointing potential health inequalities by analysing South Australian public hospital data, looking for hospitalisations that are potentially preventable, variation by where people live in the state, and opportunities to improve.
Working paper

Prototype customised South Australian institutional racism measuring and monitoring tool

This resource outlines an initial prototype of a customised South Australian institutional racism measuring and monitoring tool.
Conference paper

Aboriginal engagement, Aboriginal evaluation: owning an evaluation through comprehensive co-design

This paper introduces the project governance and the co-creation of an Aboriginal advisory group and explains the lengthy, but critical, collaborative process the advisory group then used to develop an agreed evaluation logic model to inform the design of the evaluation.

Revisit review of South Australia's Palliative Care Services Plan 2009-16: statistical addendum

This report forms a statistical addendum to complement the Health Performance Council’s Revisit review of South Australia’s Palliative Care Services Plan 2009-16.