Male Champions of Change


Disrupting the system: preventing and responding to sexual harassment in the workplace

Over the past 18 months, members of Male Champions of Change (MCC) have looked deeply at the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. This work forms part of a broad and long-term MCC mission to achieve gender equality, advance more women into leadership and...

Employees who use domestic and family violence: a workplace response

Leading Australian employers are set to tackle the confronting issue of employees who use domestic and family violence as part of nationwide efforts to end this endemic societal scourge. This resource recognises that any comprehensive workplace response to domestic and family violence must also include...

Harnessing our innovation potential: gender equality in STEM

The gender equality challenges in STEM are reflective of the larger Australian workforce, where stark gender gaps persist in leadership, pay and who shoulders the responsibility for care. However, as the demand for STEM skills increase in the future of work, this report suggests that...

Backlash and buy-in: responding to the challenges in achieving gender equality

Senior leaders in business, government, education and community are calling on all employers to continue to improve the representation of women in leadership, address resistance and be prepared to engage with the range of responses to gender equality initiatives.

In the eye of the beholder: avoiding the merit trap

While most leaders would agree that people should be judged on their merits, a close look at the evaluation of merit reveals that what adds up to merit for some is susceptible to bias and clouded judgement.