Senate Standing Committee on Economics

Owning Institution:

Cooperative, mutual and member-owned firms

The role, importance, and overall performance of cooperative, mutual and member-owned firms in the Australian economy. On 2 March 2015, the Senate referred the following matters to the Economics Reference Committee for inquiry and report by 14 May 2015.

Australia's innovation system

This inquiry looks at the challenges to Australian industries and jobs posed by increasing global competition in innovation, science, engineering, research and education. Innovation has consistently been acknowledged as a fundamental driver of productivity and economic growth which can deliver positive social and environmental outcomes...

Australia’s innovation future: A report on the structure and performance of Australia's national innovation system

This Report addresses the Terms of Reference of the Senate Economics References Committee inquiry into the Australian Innovation System. The Report recommends that Government should take action, in collaboration with research organisations and business, to lift innovation performance in five Strategic Action Areas: leadership and...

Report on bank mergers

This report looks at the economic, social and employment impacts of the recent mergers among Australian banks.

Government measures to address confidence concerns in the financial sector

In response to the global financial crisis the government introduced two guarantee schemes for authorised deposit-taking institutions, one for deposits and one for wholesale funding. This report assesses the schemes and makes recommendations for future arrangements.