Ministry of Transport (New Zealand)

Working paper

Green freight 2020

The Ministry of Transport has produced this working paper to provide the government with a range of options to support greater uptake of alternative green fuels in the road freight industry. This is part of the Ministry’s wider programme of work to reduce greenhouse gas...

Road to zero: New Zealand’s road safety strategy 2020-2030

This strategy document articulates the New Zealand government's vision and guiding principles for how the road network is designed, how road safety decisions are made, and targets and outcomes for 2030.
Draft report

The draft New Zealand rail plan

This draft plan outlines the New Zealand Government’s vision and priorities for rail. The long-term vision is for New Zealand’s national rail network to provide modern transit systems in the largest cities, and to enable increasing volumes of freight to be moved off the roads...
Discussion paper

Taking flight: an aviation system for the automated age

This paper sets out the New Zealand government’s vision for how drones can be better integrated into the current transport system to develop a thriving, innovative and safe sector.
Discussion paper

Road to zero: consultation on the 2020-2030 Road Safety Strategy

This document outlines proposals for a new road safety strategy for New Zealand, to replace the current road safety strategy which expires at the end of this year. It sets out a preliminary set of actions under the new strategy.