Ministry of Transport (New Zealand)

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Aotearoa New Zealand freight and supply chain strategy

New Zealand’s first-ever, national freight and supply chain strategy aims to improve the productivity and resilience to disruptions of the nations' ports, freight and shipping sectors. The strategy is a joint government and industry initiative.
Draft report

Charging our future: a draft long-term electric vehicle charging strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand

This draft strategy document outlines the New Zealand Government’s long-term strategic vision for Aotearoa’s national electric vehicle charging infrastructure system and the support networks needed to share best-practice between local authorities, industry and central government to ensure guidance and regulations.

Transport emissions: pathways to net zero by 2050

In the document, the authors present four potential pathways for New Zealand to achieve a net-zero transport system by 2050.

Social cost of road crashes and injuries 2020 update

This report looks at the social costs associated with road crashes and injuries in New Zealand.
Policy report

Government policy statement on land transport

Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS) is reviewed every three years and guides investment in transport by providing a 10-year outlook of how spending will be prioritised in the land transport network. The GPS 2021 builds on the strategic direction of GPS 2018 by...