Australian Digital Health Agency

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Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan: October 2020–October 2021

The Reflect reconciliation action plan articulates the Australian Digitial Health Agency’s vision for reconciliation, achieving meaningful outcomes with and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, businesses and communities.

Australian Digital Health Agency: entity resources and planned performance

This 2019-20 Health Portfolio Budget Statement informs Senators and Members of Parliament of the proposed allocation of resources to Government outcomes for the Australian Digital Health Agency.

Australia's national digital health strategy: framework for action

The framework for action is the implementation plan for the National Digital Health Strategy and details how all those in the digital health ecosystem are working together to help empower people, and those who care for them, with modern digital services and products.

Australia’s national digital health strategy

This strategy is the product of detailed consultation and co-production with patients, consumers and carers – and the healthcare professionals, industry, organisations and innovators who serve them. It draws on evidence of clinical and economic benefit from many sources within Australia and overseas.
Discussion paper

Your health your say: shaping the future of health and care together

How should Australia take advantage of the opportunities that new technologies offer to improve health and care? Many people want to be more informed and involved with their own care and learn how to prevent illness and improve wellbeing. Clinicians and carers want to be...