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Centre for Climate Economics and Policy (ANU)

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Working paper

Impacts of border carbon adjustments on China's sectoral emissions: simulations with a dynamic computable general equilibrium model

This paper applies a multi-sector dynamic computable general equilibrium model to estimate the impacts of the carbon-based border tax adjustments implemented by US and EU on China’s sectoral carbon emissions.
Working paper

Adaptation to climate change: formulating policy under uncertainty

By acknowledging that the hallmark of future climate change effects is uncertainty, rather than readily identifiable and deterministic outcomes, it is possible to formulate coherent policy approaches. Economists were able to formulate and recommend policy approaches for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (mitigation) by drawing...
Working paper

In search of a new effective international climate framework for post-2020: a proposal for an upstream global carbon market

Given the urgency and the magnitude of emission cuts required to arrest the global temperature rise at an acceptable level (like 2 degrees Celsius), it is imperative that action to mitigate climate change is taken at the lowest cost. This can be done if a...
Working paper

The national-level energy ladder and its carbon implications

This paper documents an energy ladder that nations ascend as their per capita incomes increase. On average, economic development results in an overall substitution from the use of biomass to fulfill energy needs to energy sourced from fossil fuels, and then toward nuclear power and...