Leo Dobes


Managing consultants: a practical guide for busy public sector managers

The first edition of this book attracted a record number of online hits. Busy public sector managers now have available to them an updated version that integrates an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that incorporates the many practical tips needed for successful procurement activity.

Adaptor of last resort? An economic perspective on the government’s role in adaptation to climate change

Abstract Individuals and societies have always adapted to change, whether catastrophic or slow onset. Over the last two centuries, however, governments have significantly extended their role as ultimate social manager of risk. It is as yet unclear whether, how, or to what extent governments will...

Benefits and costs of provision of post-cyclone emergency services in Cairns

This report assesses whether it would be socially desirable to provide enhanced post-cyclone emergency services in towns such as Cairns. One means of addressing the issue is to estimate the net social benefit that would accrue to Cairns residents. Focus groups of residents identified four...
Working paper

Adaptation to climate change: formulating policy under uncertainty

By acknowledging that the hallmark of future climate change effects is uncertainty, rather than readily identifiable and deterministic outcomes, it is possible to formulate coherent policy approaches. Economists were able to formulate and recommend policy approaches for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (mitigation) by drawing...
Working paper

Financing adaptation to climate-induced retreat from coastal inundation and erosion

This paper examines an innovative proposal in the form of mortgage contingent loans which could minimise government involvement in protecting beachfront property, and therefore the risk to taxpayers.