Jeff Bennett

Policy report

Lower company tax to resuscitate the economy

This paper argues that ongoing policy initiatives focused on governments borrowing in order to stimulate the economy, particularly through consumer spending, will fail to revitalise the long-term productive capacity of the Australian economy.

Benefits and costs of provision of post-cyclone emergency services in Cairns

This report assesses whether it would be socially desirable to provide enhanced post-cyclone emergency services in towns such as Cairns. One means of addressing the issue is to estimate the net social benefit that would accrue to Cairns residents. Focus groups of residents identified four...
Briefing paper

"Yes we can …": Using benefit transfer to inform environmental policy making

The use of economic analysis in environmental and resource policy issues A number of current policy debates in Australia revolve around natural resource and environmental management issues. In many cases these issues have come to public attention through the efforts of special interest groups. Once...

Valuing ecosystem resilience

This paper investigates the value society attaches to changes in ecosystem resilience. The concept of ecosystem resilience is being increasingly discussed as a driver of biodiversity values. It implies that marginal deteriorations in ecosystem conditions can abruptly result in non-marginal and irreversible changes in ecosystem...

Willingness to pay for recycling food waste in the Brisbane Region

This paperuses a dichotomous choice contingent valuation format with follow-up open-ended willingness to pay question to estimate the household willingness to pay for the introduction of a kerbside recycling scheme for kitchen waste. Kerbside recycling in Australia has focused on paper, cardboard, plastics and bottles...