Michael Potter

Policy report

Lower company tax to resuscitate the economy

This paper argues that ongoing policy initiatives focused on governments borrowing in order to stimulate the economy, particularly through consumer spending, will fail to revitalise the long-term productive capacity of the Australian economy.

Red tape and Australia’s economic malaise

One focus of this paper is on the fiscal incentives faced by state governments and how these incentives cause regulatory problems. This suggests reforms to the federation, worthwhile for many reasons, will also assist in cutting back Australia’s red tape burden.

The major bank levy: we’re all going to be hit

This report argues that the major bank levy proposed by the Turnbull Government in the 2017–18 Budget has numerous flaws.

CIS wrap: Budget 2017

In this commentary piece, a number of CIS authors give their view on the federal budget for 2017-18.

Reforming social housing: financing and tenant autonomy

About 400,000 Australian households live in social housing, which covers public housing, community housing, Indigenous community housing, and Indigenous housing provided by governments. The sector has many issues, including: • In public housing, many dwellings fail adequacy standards, and numerous tenants are dissatisfied and living...