Department of Human Services (Vic)

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Child abuse and neglect: a socio-legal study of mandatory reporting in Australia (report prepared for the Victorian government)

This report for the Vicotria Department of Human Services is volume 8 of 'Child Abuse And Neglect: A Socio-legal Study of Mandatory Reporting in Australia'. This study aims to explore trends in the reporting of child abuse and neglect by different reporter groups in every...

Indigenous family violence primary prevention framework

In 2003, the Victorian Indigenous Family Violence Task Force Report identified that it is widely recognised and acknowledged that family violence adversely affects the social, cultural, health, emotional, and economic well being of Aboriginal people, families and communities. Aboriginal definitions of the nature and forms...

Managing risk in community services: a preliminary study of the impacts of risk management on Victorian services and clients

What is the impact of the increased importance of risk management on people and agencies working in the community services sector? A group of researchers at La Trobe, led by David Green and Judith Brett, have undertaken an extensive study of the way in which...

Experiences of restrictive practices: A view from people with disabilities and family carers

• Under the Disability Act 2006, the Senior Practitioner seeks to manage one interface between individual freedom and public good, that is, to manage behaviour that is of danger to the person with disability or to others, or to their property. • Authorised Program Officers...

Because mental health matters

This 2009 mental health strategy embraces the roles of many sectors and services across the community and the whole-of-government, emphasising that mental health is everyone's business. It focuses on fostering and maintaining good mental health and wellbeing by providing earlier support for all those in...