Government of the Australian Capital Territory


Consultation on dispensing with consent provisions in the Adoption Act 1993: report on consultation outcomes

The ACT Community Services Directorate received over 40 submissions from individuals and organisations in response to their 2018 discussion paper. These highlighted several overarching themes, including a view that the dispensing with consent provisions should prioritise children’s best interests. Feedback from the submissions is outlined...
Discussion paper

Dispensing with consent: discussion paper

This discussion paper aims to assist interested community members to contribute to the ACT Government’s exploration of provisions for dispensing with consent in the domestic adoption process.

Canberra's living infrastructure plan: cooling the city

This plan sets out the ACT government’s commitment to maintain and improve living infrastructure within urban Canberra. The plan's success will rely on the government, local business and the community taking collective action to care for and enhance our living infrastructure.

ACT climate change strategy 2019-25

This strategy outlines the next steps the community, business and the ACT government will take to reduce emissions by 50–60% (below 1990 levels) by 2025 and establish a pathway for achieving net zero emissions by 2045.

Digital health strategy 2019–2029

This document outlines the ACT Health Directorate’s strategic vision for enabling and delivering exemplary person-centred care through digital innovation.