Swinburne Leadership Institute


Swinburne leadership survey: index of leadership for the greater good

The Swinburne Leadership Survey is the flagship research program of the Swinburne Leadership Institute that examines Australian’s beliefs about the nation’s leaders and citizens. Conducted in late 2014, the Swinburne Leadership Survey is a benchmark study and underpins our goal of contributing to the renewal...
Working paper

Leadership for innovation – why manufacturing has a future in Australia

In this paper, business leaders discuss the leadership styles they have used to ensure their companies are manufacturing success stories, and then these experiences are analysed to outline the leadership needs for innovation in Australia.
Working paper

Leadership tools for wicked problems

This Working Paper utilises Grint’s 2008 model of critical, tame and wicked problems to differentiate between the needs and uses for command, management and leadership approaches to the exercise of authority in working with them. The paper suggests that the increasing complexity of the problems...

Feeling connected to the future: Why you can't be a leader without it!

In this talk, Samuel Wilson discusses our tendency to focus on the short-term in the context of psychological connectedness, defined as the sense of continuity or connection we experience, or imagine, between our past, present and future selves.
Working paper

Chasing the honey bee: enhancing leadership for sustainability

This paper explores the ways in which different conceptions of leadership can contribute to the sustainability of economic productivity, social equity and the natural systems and resources upon which all social and economic development depend. The chapter argues that the “honey bee” approach of critical...