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Swinburne leadership survey: index of leadership for the greater good

Political leadership Australia


The Swinburne Leadership Survey is the flagship research program of the Swinburne Leadership Institute that examines Australian’s beliefs about the nation’s leaders and citizens. Conducted in late 2014, the Swinburne Leadership Survey is a benchmark study and underpins our goal of contributing to the renewal of Leadership for the Greater Good in Australia.

The aim of the Swinburne Leadership Survey is to benchmark public opinion about:

  • The trustworthiness and competence of leaders across different social and economic sectors
  • The responsibilities of leaders in contributing to the Greater Good
  • How well national political leaders are delivering on these responsibilities
  • How Australians would like our leaders to address our major challenges
  • The roles ordinary citizens can play as change agents or local leaders of change for the Greater Good

The Survey provides Australians with a rigorous snapshot of leadership in Australia and, over time, a powerful tool to measure the direction in which Leadership for the Greater Good in Australia is heading.

The inaugural Swinburne Leadership Survey and Index of Leadership for the Greater Good will be released in April 2015. The Swinburne Leadership Institute will conduct the Survey annually, to measure changes and trends in Australian perceptions of leadership.

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