Uniting Victoria and Tasmania

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UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania Unit, Uniting Vic.Tas


'Can't afford to live': The impact of the rising cost of living on Victorians and Tasmanians on low incomes

This report provides evidence that the rising cost of living is deepening financial, housing and food insecurity, and impacting mental and physical health, while also increasing social isolation.

No fighting chance: impact of the withdrawal of COVID-19 income and tenancy benefits

This research sought to hear directly from consumers at Uniting Vic.Tas emergency relief and homelessness entry points about the impact of the withdrawal of COVID-19 payments and benefits on them and their families and children. The findings of this report supports numerous other studies in...

"Can you please help me? How can we live?"

Asylum seekers living in the community are at serious risk of disadvantage, isolation and marginalisation, argues this report, which outlines the emergency relief services and other related support to asylum seekers provided by UnitingCare agencies.