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The Australian Disaster Resilience Index: a summary

Research has developed the first, national snapshot of disaster resilience to help governments, local organisations and emergency services improve their communities’ resilience to natural hazards. This summary report outlines the detailed research behind the Australian Disaster Resilience Index.
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Rethinking planning policy in an age of limits

Land is a finite resource with highly variable quality. Its rate of creation is negligible on the human scale. Land is also not a commodity as are other tradeable goods. The supply of high quality land, amenity-rich land with high-quality supplies of natural resources, such...

Research activities on rural roads

AgriFutures Australia was pleased to partner with the University of New England to conduct this research, which examines alternative approaches to cost-benefit analysis of improved quality for rural roads.

The ripple effect: understanding the exposure and impact of suicide in Australia

Among its key findings, the report highlights that suicide is a public health issue in Australia with 89% of respondents stating they knew someone who had attempted suicide and 85% knew someone who had died by suicide.
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Multi-functionality and the urban-rural dichotomy in Australian metropolitan planning

This paper critically examines the response of current strategies to the notion of sustainability and multi-functionality and the role of peri-urban land, with particular focus on agricultural production. This paper offers an analysis of Australian metropolitan planning and comments on the treatment of peri-urban land...